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How to find a real gimbal manufacturer

Find a good and reliable supplier in China!

Are you trying to find a real factory/manufacturer to help you produce the handheld gimbal stabilizer with your brand?​ If you want to create a new gimbal brand but have a limited budget, you may be considering sourcing to China. I will share some smarter ideas in this article. Hope it will be helpful.​

Why should you cooperate with a real manufacturer instead of a trading company?

Why is it important to deal directly with the factory?

If you are an experienced importer or distributors who source various products from China, you will understand why you should cooperate with a real manufacturer to produce your products instead of a trading company.

There are 3 main reasons that you need to work with a manufacturer.

1. Quality and Price.

Trading companies will source many different kinds of products for their customers. Maybe they can provide more product options for you. However they are not the designer and manufacturer, it is hard for them to control the quality and the costs during the production. If you want to get a stable and better control at the quality and prices. It is better to choose a real manufacturer as your supplier.

2. Lead time and after service

As we all know, if your supplier is a trading company, they will have to place the orders to the factories. The factories usually work with many customers. Their product lines are busy if they have many orders. So your supplier cannot decide the lead time for your orders. If your supplier is the factory/manufacturer, your orders will be a higher priority than the orders of other trading companies.

Of course, you are going to get a better after service from the manufacturer than a trading company because the factories/manufacturers are more familiar with the problems of their own products.

But that is not certainly. Some of the trading companies have the warehouses in your country. They can also provide the good after service. However, not all of the trading companies can do that.

3. Product Updates and long-term cooperation

The good manufacturers will keep updating their products according to their customers' feedback. Nothing is perfect at the beginning. Most of the electronic products are made of hardware and software. The technologies are upgrading very fast nowadays.

The manufacturers will upgrade both of the hardware and software gradely. If you source the products from them. They will inform you how to upgrade the products. Many products can be upgraded remotely online. It is very convenient. Then the products will become more stable and functional.

However, the trading companies cannot provide the upgrading service as good as a manufacturer. Many trading companies switch to sell other products after a while. Then you can not get the long-term upgrading after service.

If you want to have a long-term cooperation with a good supplier, it is wiser to choose a real manufacturer.

The difference between the original manufacturer and the factories.

You maybe think the factory is good enough to be a good supplier. The fact is that it is NOT. There is much difference between an original manufacturer and a factory.

A factory, that is without R&D ability(or you can call it design ability), is just a product line to help you assemble the products. They will source the electric parts, motors, molds and other parts from the original manufacturers. It is also hard for them to control the quality of the products.

What is the difference between a factory and an original manufacturer? and how to identify?

  • An original manufacturer has their own R&D team to develop the technology. They usually develop the software(app) and the hardware together.   
  • A factory doesn't have the R&D ability to upgrade the products. 
  • Ask them about more future design and upgrading plans for the products. 
  • In one industry, only very few original designers/manufacturers that can provide the technology to the factories. In gimbal stabilizer industry, as I know, there are only no more than 10 original manufacturers. That's why you can see most of the gimbals in the market are with the similar functions and appearances. 

How to find a real gimbal manufacturer with R&D ability?

There are some common methods to find a real gimbal manufacturer.

First of all, you need to know where should you source from. My advice is Shenzhen of China, that city is still the major manufacturing center for most of the electronic products, including gimbal stabilizers, action cameras etc.

Generally speaking, most of the buyers would like to look for Chinese suppliers on Alibaba, Global Sources, and other B2B websites, as well as the trading exhibitions all over the world, such as China Canton Fair, Hong Kong electronics fair, CES etc.

Another good and easiest way is just to search in Google.

I would like to give you a good example to analyze how to figure out whether the supplier is a manufacturer or a trading company.

I have researched all the suppliers of phone gimbal stabilizers on Alibaba, global sources and make a list to analyze their products.

The results of my research on gimbal suppliers

The truth about Alibaba and the other B2B websites is that they are full of agents and not real manufacturers. More than half of the suppliers on Alibaba are trading companies.

We sent the inquiries to over 30 suppliers that claim they are the factories.

Finally, I found one DJI dealer, 18 companies that are claiming to have the R&D(research and development) capacities.

I investigate all of them. The fact is:

1. six companies are the real manufacturer.
Feiyu, Zhiyun, Shining Gimbal, Uoplay, Xulib, JTT
2. two factories with no R&D capability:
Kingjoy, Kenuo
3. The remaining 10 suppliers are the trading companies without R&D or production capabilities.

How do you go about finding the GENUINE manufacturers? How to identify whether your supplier is a real manufacturer? how to choose the most suitable handheld gimbal stabilizer supplier?

Of course, the best method is to go to visit those suppliers and talk to them face to face. But that will cost much in money and time.

I would like to share some practical methods.

First, research the product categories on their official website.

if there are too many categories for the different products, they are more likely a trading company.

It is hard for their R&D department to develop so many products. Most of the manufacturers only have several product lines with the related technologies.

Second, you can ask for the sales to send you more information about the production lines and technology details, or to look at the production line or R & D department in a remote video. Some of the sales departments of the manufacturers don't work with the production departments together. However, it doesn't matter. They will not refuse to show you their production lines.

At last, ask as many questions about the technique details of the products you are interested in. If the sales can answer you professionally and patiently, you may find a good supplier.

I will share more information about this gimbal industry in my future articles. Welcome to subscribe my blog.

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