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Five most popular smartphone gimbal stabilizers Comparison


Over the past few years, we can see the smartphone cameras have improved a lot. Some smartphone can even record in 4K. More and more professional photographers and videographers start to take the stunning pictures and videos using smartphones because of the convenience in carrying.

The use of smartphones to record stunning video footage has become a common practice. One of the problems that comes with holding a smartphone in the hand and shooting a video is image stability. Video footage does not look great at all. The videos are usually shaky or blurry when we move or walk. 

To compensate a shaking hand, some manufacturers came up with gimbals that are dedicated to smartphones. These are special devices that do not work with regular cameras but they can hold a phone and offer better video quality. We call it "handheld gimbal stabilizer”.

We find out 3-Axis Gimbal is the best choice. The working principle is that there are three high-precision brushless motors in three axial directions. After collecting the data from the MEMS gyroscope and the acceleration sensor of the camera fixture plate. The jitter can be real-timely controlled in camera movements by 3D pose calculation and attitude control, so as to achieve the stability of the camera and various follow-up operation.

Simple explanation: camera movements can be analyzed through camera fixture plate to transmit data to the motor and control arm to prevent camera shake. (camera is our smartphone)

Handheld gimbal stabilizer just came into eyes in 2014. It is with a low popularity in 2015, and it only caught the professional photographers to attention.  

There are some brands came out during this time. But the most famous one is DJI and Gopro.

DJI marketed the first OSMO in October 2015, and they launched a higher cost-effective mobile phone handheld OSMO mobile in early September in 2016. GOPRO, the originator for movement DV, also launched its own Karma.

The customer group is constantly changing. So now users can be divided into three categories:

1. SLR user

2. Movement DV users: There are huge outdoor sports groups in Europe, Australia, America and other countries. The annual sales and export to those countries from China is about 40 to 50 million.

3. Ordinary mobile phone users: SNS social contact, live video, micro movie and others have spawned the demand for ordinary users.

During last year, the customer groups who bought the handheld gimbal stabilizer were mostly from these three types users in which most of them are enthusiastic fans. With the promotion of web celebrities and stars, manufacturers and big brands involvement, the product has gained high visibility and popularity. And the price has reduced from over USD$500 in 2014 to around USD$300 in 2015 and even within USD$200 now. The majority of the consumers can afford such price.

With the surge of quantity demand, the cost will be greatly reduced. And it will become a popular basic photography accessory (mobile phone, movement DV, SLR).

No matter you are a retailer, wholesaler or distributor, you can see this product is going to be a huge opportunity in the markets all over the world.

In 2017, it is the best time to start branding or marketing this product.

In fact, most of the brands are designed similar in appearance.

How to choose a high cost performance gimbal stabilizer for your smartphone?

We chose 5 most popular brands and made a comparison testing. The testing result will help you make a wiser decision in buying a new gimbal stabilizer or chose a better supplier.

Five most popular and best selling brands:

DJI OSMO Mobile vs Zhiyun Z1 vs FEIYU G4 Plus vs Shining Gimbal S1 vs Uoplay2.

We’re going to take a look at each in turn – focusing on some key features and offering our opinions – and conclude with our final recommendations for both individual consumers and retailers/wholesalers

5 Most Popular Smartphone Gimbal Comparison Table

Our experience reveals that SG-S1 is the clear winner when it comes to the most simple ease use and high cost performance.

SG-S1(shining gimbal) stands out thanks to its remarkably easy operating designs and stabilities – which anyone should be able to pick up in several minutes – and master the functions very easily. On top of that, it’s the cheapest option on our list. That’s a hard combination to beat.

Although both the out-date first generation product of zhiyun and feiyu are not expensive, but we don’t suggest you to buy them because the functions are limited. The technology is upgraded now. Just as we would not buy iPhone4 or 5 anymore after Apple published iPhone7, right?

We can choose a better one instead of the out-date models. 

We can find many vlogs on youtube just because they were produced earlier. People knew them earlier, but their performances are already not the best in this industry. 

The algorithm and the structure of the hardware are out of date. We will test their updated new version later. But the new versions are much more expensive, similar price with DJI.  

I think if I am a videographer, I prefer to chose the new brand like Shining Gimbal S1, but not Zhiyun Z1 or Feiyu G4. The gimbal stabilizers are updated very fast. It is better not to waste the money on some out-date product.

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